Spell Check Software for Enterprise

Spell check software for your company website and applications. Java™ and JavaScript software solutions compatible with J2EE and Microsoft IIS .NET servers, as well as solutions for Java standalone applications.

by Page Scholar Inc
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Free Cloud Spell Check API

Free Spell check API in the cloud. Simple JSON interface. Paid plans available. No server required.

HTML - Form Spell Check

Add spell checking to the form fields on your website. Spell check English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Evolution - Contenteditable Spell Check

WYSIWYG editor spell checking. Add spell check to contenteditable DIVs and IFRAMEs.

Spell Check SDK for Java

Spell check software for the Java platform. Award winning and used by thousands of organizations around the world.

Pro Suite

A bundle of all our spell check software, available for one low monthly cost for your entire organization.


Self Hosted or Cloud API

Run on your network or in our worldwide Amazon Cloud

Subscription Plan

Low cost monthly or annual subscription

Business Safe Dictionaries

No profanity or other bad words

Java & Microsoft

Runs on Microsoft IIS, or Java J2EE compatible servers, like Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere


Optionally embed in software you sell with our low cost redistribution license


English, French, Spanish, Italian & German. Create your own dictionaries too


WCAG Compatible for low vision and vision impairment. Screen reader compatible


US based company with over 10 Years in business and millions of users

Fast & Accurate

Won't slow you down. Artificial Intelligence algorithm for suggestions